My Why

I always ask my clients about their “Why”. If you are one of my clients or have taken my online course, you know how that goes.

But for those of you who haven’t been down that road with me, let me explain….

Working towards a GOAL is like taking a road trip. You get yourself prepared: food, drinks, necessities -- and then you buckle up and turn on your Map app (Google Maps, Waze, you get the idea). If you don’t have a map and don’t know how to get to your destination, you MIGHT get there -- or your might NOT. And if you don’t have a route in site, your journey may take longer and be filled with some detours along the way.

So, let’s just suffice to say that it’s easier with a map...a guide...a destination in sight. That’s your GOAL -- your DESTINATION. The process is your MAP -- your WHY.

And your WHY is your reason for staying on path and