Are you DRUNK??

Okay, no. However, this is how some conversations start in our family….I have adult children who could start conversations at any second with the most amazing main topics. In fact, I need to start a list so that I can add them to the stack of “Conversation Starters” that I put out on the table during Holiday dinners. Is your mind going there now? Are you thinking about what you could put on the Conversation Cards in YOUR next Holiday gathering? I must say, it is fun.

And so we come to this --

Are You Drunk? was the response I was expecting to the business I started at the beginning of 2021. Knee deep in a global crisis I found myself working in a healthcare mess (I was a Frontline Healthcare Worker for 30 years). This would be an amazing “aha” moment for me. I realized my desire to help people in a different way. My patients were sick (not just from this crisis, but in general). Many were younger than me, and sicker than I could imagine myself being at my age.