5 STEPS to fit in that Little Black Dress

(or your favorite blue jeans!)

  • Learn how to STAY HEALTHY thru the Holidays

  • Learn how to MAKE IT THRU THE HOLIDAYS with a SOLID PLAN (don't wait til it's too late!)

  • Learn HEALTHY RECIPE IDEAS and how to PLAN for PARTIES (steer clear of the Dessert Table)

  • Learn how to KEEP MOTIVATED thru the Holidays...and MORE!

NOVEMBER 1st - 3rd at 11am (CST)

Replays Available

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Hi, I'm Janice!

Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Healthcare Professional

As a Health Coach, I'm passionate about helping women find the best path to a healthy life through weight management in menopause. I lost 70 pounds, my pre-diabetes, vision issues, joint pain and brain fog and I work with others to help them as well.


I spent the last 30 years as a Respiratory Therapist and I understand what you are going through!

You spent years taking care of others -- NOW it's time to take care of yourself!

I will work with you in a fun, engaging way -- empowering them to move towards their weight loss goal with a CLEAR PATH and a POSITIVE MINDSET.